Art of Conscious Living

Living a healthy and balanced life is truly an art form. Think of yourself as the artist and the events in your life like a painting that you create. Decide what the theme, background, foreground and characters will be in your picture. You create the story or canvas of your life so be creative and try to maintain standards for yourself.

The Art of Conscious Living encompasses just that, yet takes it one step further. You are the co-creator (co-creating with family, friends, Higher Power, etc.) of your life, so by being more conscious or aware of your behaviour and others’ behaviours you will begin to make healthier choices in your life and live from your own authentic self.

Effie (Psychotherapist, R.I.H.R.) uses a variety of techniques and methods such as focusing; creative visualizations; inner child work; talk therapy; voice dialoguing; body psychotherapy; the Emotion Code; The Healing Codes; Energy healing; dream analysis and anger management techniques to help you understand your emotions and issues so that transformation and healing can take place.

Effie does this by looking at the whole person – body, mind, and spirit working in harmony so that one can transform core beliefs at the heart level (e.g., forgiveness, letting go) and create a conscious and empowered life.  It isn’t a coincidence that you came across “The Art of Conscious Living.”  So take that first step to try and break down the illusions that you have held that restrict your actions or ideas and begin now by taking baby steps to transform negative behaviour patterns that no longer serve you. 

Effie (Psychotherpaist, R.I.H.R.) offers guidance by pointing out the tools you have from within to help you work on your issues and come from a place of empowerment rather than from the victim.  We are all accountable and responsible for our own behaviour, so begin to make the necessary changes to allow healing to take place so that you are living an inspired and healthy life. 

Many Blessings,

Effie Hadzis (Psychotherapist, R.I.H.R.)