Article: “The Emotion Code”

The Emotion Code:
I am very excited to introduce to all of you a very powerful technique called “The Emotion Code.” It was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the premise of the technique takes into account how negative emotional energy can lodge into any area of our bodies (glands, organs, limbs, head, etc.) and create emotional, physical and spiritual issues for an individual. Do you want to open your heart for love and happiness? Do you want to stop picking the wrong relationships? Do you want to break the cycles of generational abuse? Do you want to free yourself from feelings inherited from your ancestors? Do you want to remove blocks to your success? Would you like to stop pain in your tracks? Would you like to stop depression, anxiety or phobias? How would you like to become who you are supposed to be? Would you like to communicate to the subconscious genius within? Would you like to remove the major cause of a disease? If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions or you just know internally you haven’t processed emotions well in your life then The Emotion Code is for you!!!!

From the “Scientific Benefits of Talk Therapy” article I explained how research concludes that suppressed / trapped emotions or emotions that have never been processed are linked to disease in the body. Trapped emotions creating physical pain in the body occurs over 50 % of the time. Disease can have many contributing factors and often times it may just be due to an imbalance of the body (chi energy) most likely due to trapped emotions. There are a series of illnesses linked to trapped emotions and here is a list of some of them: allergies, back pain, Crohn’s Disease, Dyslexia, heartburn, Eczema, hypoglycemia, Vertigo, Fibromyalgia, Sinus problems, asthma, panic attacks, anxiety, learning disabilities, headaches (migraines) and as serious as cancer.

I don’t like to consider emotions as being negative as all emotions give colour to our life; yet it’s when an emotion is suppressed or trapped in the body that its effect or consequence becomes negative. Every emotion such as anger, hate, guilt, jealousy, etc. vibrates a specific frequency better known as the scale of consciousness developed by David Hawkins. To give you an example, the emotion “shame” vibrates at 20 and the emotion of “love” vibrates at 500. The higher up you are on the scale the higher your consciousness and therefore you tend to attract more positive experiences into your life (Law of Attraction) and every area of your life improves. When you have a trapped emotion such as “anger” the body automatically begins to vibrate at the frequency of the trapped emotion that’s already in the body and in this case it would be 150 (anger); therefore attracting more situations in your life that vibrate at the frequency of anger.

How would we ever know if we had a trapped emotion when we only operate 10% from our conscious mind while the other 90% we operate from our subconscious mind? Through a process of Kinesiology or Muscle Testing we can access information from the subconscious mind to see if we have any trapped emotions. In my practice I can test each client through muscle testing if he/she has a trapped emotion (specifically find which one) and then through a series of questions bring the event or memory to consciousness that triggered the trapped emotion in the first place. Often a trauma or painful event can illicit the trapped emotion to lodge somewhere in the body. It could also be a disappointment of any kind that traps the emotion. Anytime we are not feeling our feelings or identifying with them they can lodge in the tissues of our bodies within seconds. Also note medicine only chemically suppresses one’s emotions but doesn’t help to release them.

Once the emotion is found and the event recalled (don’t have to delve in the past too much), through the power of intention and the use of a magnet (which only magnifies the power of your intention), the trapped emotion is released from the body from the governing meridian. Our body is made up of an electrical current system or better known as an electromagnetic field which emanates around us. The magnet has a physical effect by removing the trapped emotion. The results are phenomenal as healing takes place on a spiritual, physical and emotional level often removing blocks that prevented the person from experiencing any form of success or opportunities as well as releasing any physical ailments related to the emotion.

What is a Heart-wall?

Studies have revealed (Heart Math) that the heart of a human is 40 to 60 times stronger than the brain with respect to electromagnetic energy. The heart has an electromagnetic field around it that is approximately 8-12 feet in diameter. So it’s very important to know that what we feed the field (e.g., compassion, anger, love, etc.) comes back to us. The heart therefore in my eyes is the seed of the soul or the core of our being. In life many of us may experience heartbreak, deep grief, disappointments, abuse, etc. and as a result our heart puts up a heart-wall which is made up of layers of trapped emotions. It appears that 93% of us have a heart-wall that truly hampers our ability to give and receive love and often causes depression, neck pain, lowered immunity, low self-esteem, unhappiness, lack of intuition, blocks the possibilities the universe has for us and keeps us closed down to who we truly are supposed to be.

The Emotion Code can also remove the heart-wall that we have created to shield ourselves from our infinite possibilities in life. So please take into consideration if the Emotion Code resonates with you and know it is your birthright to be happy, successful and disease free!!!

*A special note: Anyone pregnant, or who has a pacemaker (heart) or has implants (metal), should refrain from any use of a magnet. Otherwise the Emotion Code is very non-invasive, and a safe healing modality.

By: Effie Hadzis