Article: “The Healing Codes”

The Healing Codes:
For years we have been hearing from the health community that one of the leading factors of all physical and non-physical health problems have stress as their origin. In fact the statistic is that up to 95% of all illnesses are caused due to stress. I would like to take this notion a step further by stating that through recent research according to Bruce Lipton (Cellular Biologist at Stanford University) that stress actually originates from our wrong beliefs that we hold about our circumstances and ourselves. As a result, these wrong beliefs cause us to misinterpret our circumstances as threatening which creates internal stress. To more explicitly describe this, the destructive internal images we have within from our false beliefs tend to broadcast as a fear signal all over the body, sending the nervous system into a state of fight or flight. This state is synonymous with stress. Over time if the “fight or flight” syndrome is constantly experienced it will eventually lead to illness and disease.

In conclusion, “stress” does not come from outside sources such as (jobs we hate, stacks of unpaid bills, messy relationships or miserable relatives); stress is created from within from our incorrect beliefs and our misinterpretations of these beliefs. It does make sense because what may stress one person is actually quite enjoyable for another. So if these internal beliefs can make us feel threatened, the cells in our body are constantly in a “defensive mode” as opposed to a normal, healthy “growth mode” so we will react much more intensely and negatively to the external circumstances we face based on our internal stress. Consequently, the body can become so stressed that it breaks down, no longer able to repair itself.

I would like to introduce you to the wonderful healing modality called “The Healing Codes” created by Dr. Alex Loyd (Doctorate in Psychology and in Natural Medicine). A Healing Code is one set of easy hand positions (a set of 12 pairs of Codes in total) that activate one or two of the four healing centers on the body. The body consists of four healing centers located on the head and neck. I like to look at the healing centers like a fuse box that, when the correct switches are flipped on, will allow healing of almost anything to take place – emotional, spiritual and physical. The hand positions are done in a specific order to heal a specific issue. The healing centers activate an energetic healing system that functions in a manner parallel to the immune system, instead of killing viruses and bacteria, it targets memories related to the issue a person is thinking about. It uses positive healing energy frequencies to cancel out or neutralize and replace the negative, destructive frequencies.

The negative destructive frequencies could be either due to our unhealthy beliefs, negative emotions or destructive cellular memories or a combination of all three. I truly believe any of the above three (unhealthy beliefs, negative emotions & destructive memories) are definitely contributors to illness in the body or to emotional and spiritual imbalances that we may be experiencing. Therefore, destructive energy patterns cause stress and health problems, yet modern medicine is doing very little to resolve these patterns. The medicine we often receive from our doctors only suppress the symptoms of our illness or psychological problems but do not deal with the root cause; whereby the healing codes offer a safe, non-invasive technique that work without our having to be consciously aware of the destructive images, beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are being healed. Thus, the Healing Code focuses exclusively on the destructive memory pictures in the heart and is able to heal the stress and the wrong beliefs that underlie the physical and non-physical challenges in our lives. Studies have indicated that the codes work 100% of the time if done precisely and regularly.

So if you are experiencing any physical issues such as Vertigo, diabetes, hypoglycemia, back pain, menstrual problems, skin disorders, headaches (migraines), Parkinson’s Disease, chronic fatigue, fever, high or low blood pressure, asthma, Anorexia, Bulimia, autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc. or psychological issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, phobias, addictions, compulsions, grief, unhappiness, feelings of unworthiness, etc. please contact me for a healing session that will truly transform your health and life.

By: Effie Hadzis