Effie Hadzis’ psychotherapy practice incorporates the following philosophies and applications:

*client centered therapy where through inquiry the client will discover the answers needed at the time

*focus on the process of healing rather than just on the outcome

*focus on working through specific emotions / feelings and issues and  then letting them go

*explore the source of issues and feelings through the use of various techniques (e.g., creative visualizations, focusing, inner child work)

*help to find meaning and purpose in your life

*path of emotional healing: creating healthy boundaries, knowing what your needs are, expressing feelings and letting them go, healing and transforming childhood wounds, shedding old patterns (cycles)

*client is responsible for his / her healing journey

*therapist is a conduit for the healing and acts as a guide to empower the client

*integrating emotional healing with spiritual healing and physical healing for transformation and positive change to occur in one’s life

*for true healing to take place all three areas mentioned above need to work synergistically (harmoniously) rather than separately,  for well-being to be present