“The Reconnective Healing was so amazing as it healed my blood pressure, Vertigo and I have a lot more energy now than I ever did. The other great thing was I also tapped into several past-lives that I thought I dealt with and something was definitely released as a result of it.”
Trudie K., Hamilton, Ontario.

“After several Reiki sessions I couldn’t believe how old emotions from my past resurfaced that I needed to deal with. It was so powerful! It also made me reassess the choices I was making with my education and my family life. I felt the Reiki helped me come more from a place of integrity so I could make healthier choices for myself.”
Esubia E. M., Scarborough, Ontario.

“The Emotion Code was so powerful in helping me release specific trapped emotions contributing to my chronic low back pain. I can’t believe how a combination of the Reconnective Healing (energy work) and the release of the trapped emotions actually healed my chronic back pain for good. I am swimming and working out at my gym now and I am not experiencing anymore severe pain. I realized my emotional issues and some unhealthy beliefs were at the root of my back problems. Once I processed my emotions and released them and substituted positive beliefs for the negative beliefs, then my body pain went away. I am so grateful for the healing work you do.”
Nickolas H., Toronto, Ontario

“The Reiki and psychotherapy sessions are definitely helping me come to terms with the loss of my family members and they have eased the grieving process that I’m going through. The Reiki and gynecological referral truly helped heal my fibroids in my uterus and I now am experiencing normal periods. That truly saved my life! Thank you for all you do.
Katie S., Toronto, Ontario

“The distant energy healing (Reiki and Reconnective Healing) helped me deal with my cancer (lung) and gave me the strength and motivation to carry on while I was going through such turmoil both emotionally and physically.”
Rose L., Toronto, Ontario