Reflection on Giving Your Power Away

Are You Giving Your Power Away?
When we are experiencing a crossroad in our life or going through challenging times; we often seek guidance outside of us whether it is from healers, psychics or just seeking solace from spiritual books. There really isn’t anything wrong with any of the above sources of help; actually they can put us on the right track when we find ourselves misaligned or unbalanced in anyway in our life. A healing can transform a long chronic health condition to a natural state of being or bring us that aha moment that is the game changer for the direction in our life. So by no means do I bring down any of the external sources previously mentioned or any other meaningful ones I left out.

What I would like to focus on is looking inwards as opposed to outwards when we are faced with obstacles or decisions in our life. Instead of calling a friend or reading the next best self-help book for advice why not turn inwards for a moment and listen to what the body and mind are saying. Yeah, you heard me listen from within. Your heartbeat might be racing; or your stomach might be full of butterflies and your mind may be full of mind chatter but take a couple of deep long breaths and just listen with no judgments or expectations. You’d be surprised as to what you pick up and what your intuition tells you.

I’m the first to say I have tried all those cutting edge healing modalities or read a slew of spiritual books and at the time and place I was in they did serve a purpose. I am a seeker of knowledge and knowledge was what I attained along with filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle of my evolutionary existence. So what am I trying to get at here? Well, I learned something recently that created greater awareness within me. You see…I continue seeking guidance from without me and I have come across some great quantum healers in my time. They have guided me to meditate in such a way so that I am bringing in spirit, integrating it with my body and connecting to source energy. As I brought up my question to the particular healer he graciously answered me resonating from a place of higher frequencies that he had mastered as his gift. The answer overwhelmed me and left me spellbound. I was in a tizzy for a few days wondering exactly what he meant as he only had 3 minutes to answer on the teleseminar. I was left wide open and vulnerable and confused and I asked myself the question; “Does his answer fully resonate the truth?” On the surface he was a great healer loved by all and of course his answer resonated the truth from his point of view. Yet as I dug a little deeper and asked my inner self the question I got: “What is true for me will always make me feel lighter and what is a lie will always make me feel heavier.” The key here is what is true for me!

The truth was, from an inner knowing, there was a lot of accuracy from the healer yet a small tinge still felt heavy and misconstrued. Who do you trust in a case like this, yourself or the healer? The interesting part of all of this is when you put someone on a pedestal and view them in such high regard the answer is quite simple, “the healer is the one you trust.” Yet, I nudge you today to begin listening to your inner voice; that calm whisper from within that truly has all the answers and begin being your own source of guidance by tapping into the universal knowledge that we all have access to, not just the quantum healers. They may have a jumpstart to those higher frequencies but that’s not to say we can’t get there ourselves. Whether it be through meditation, music or prayer, by connecting to source energy you will become your own source of guidance and whenever in doubt be able to discern what is the absolute truth that resonates within every core of your being; and I promise you, you will never give your power away again!

By: Effie Hadzis