Reflexology & Energy Healing Packages to Purchase:

I have put together several reflexology packages and energy healing packages that you may find helpful for your health as well as being economical to your budget. People often ask me how many sessions would it take to heal my particular ailment (migraine, indigestion, arthritis pain, emotions, etc.) and I often tell them it takes more than one or two depending upon the severity of the illness or ailment or emotional issues you’re trying to heal. Please see the following packages and choose which one resonates with you and the one that will help with your particular issue.
*Please note that packages need to be paid in full after the first session and if this doesn’t work we can arrange a payment plan of half the total payment the first session and a second payment thereafter.

Package #1: 6 Reflexology sessions (first visit 1 hour and a half and following visits 1 hour) @ $330.00 total. A total savings of $30.

Package #2: 10 Reflexology sessions @ $500.00 giving you a savings of $100.00 in total and each session costing $50 instead of $60.

Package #3: 4 Reflexology sessions combined with either 2 Reiki sessions or 2 Healing code / Emotion Code Sessions (see article descriptions of each healing modality) 6 sessions @ $330.00 a savings of $50.

Package #4: 4 Reiki sessions combined with 2 Psychotherapy counseling sessions (Emotion Code/Healing Code) depending upon your issue (6 sessions altogether) @ $320.00, a savings of $40.

Package #5: Removing your Heart-wall entirely using the Emotion Code (read article for more information) @ $170.00 total package as this may take more than one session to remove and it is also coupled with some psychotherapy for the price above. This is a great value as the regular price would cost over $200. Usually done in two or three sessions maximum (each session is about 60 min. to 90 minutes).

Every session is coupled with aromatherapy and Reiki sessions can run over the 60 min. to 75 min. which is a great value!
If interested in any of these packages or you have questions please read my articles on the website or call me at 416-751-9619 or email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!!

Many Blessings,

Effie Hadzis