e-cookbook: 21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef

Digital E-Cookbook: “21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef”
Amazon recently published my e-cookbook called “21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef.” This is a book that pays tribute to all my ancestors who have influenced my cooking to this date. It is an eclectic mix of Greek, Spanish, Mexican and North American recipes passed down to me from my father Angelo Hadzis. He is the mastermind behind all of these 21 recipes and he was desinganted “Master Chef” in 1960 in the Toronto Star Newspaper for his signature style dishes. The cookbook features an array of “healthy recipes” that will take you on a journey of good, old-fashioned, wholesome cooking infused with fresh herbs and spices that make each dish unique, timeless and signature in its own right. There is also a chapter on the properties and benefits of the culinary herbs and spices that make up the 21 recipes contributing to the therapeutic benefits each recipe has on the body. In addition there is a chapter called “Typical Greek Pantry” and much more…If you would like to preview the book go to www.amazon.com or click on the link “E-cookbook: 21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef under the Blogroll below to access amazon directly and type in the title: “21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef.” Click on the book cover and tell me what you think. If you like the book please click the “like” link. I would appreciate any feedback.

Please note: Many people have been asking me; “I don’t own a Kindle so how can I purchase your book?” If you don’t own a Kindle you can still purchase my book and view it by downloading for “free” the “Kindle app” which is on Amazon’s site (I believe just above the book cover image you will see “free reading app”). Once you have downloaded the Kindle app you can read any digital book, not only mine on your computers, mobile phones and tablets.
Enjoy and happy cooking!!
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