Self-Love Poem

By: Effie Hadzis

My soul thirsts for love
It waits impatiently for validation and
Acknowledgement from others that I’m ok
Needless pain, suffering and struggle
No one sees the spark of light
Shining from within so bright
What’s the point…..why am I kidding myself? I say.

Dimming my light out of sheer disappointment
A slow, steady fire burning unhindered faith
A renewed sense of passion and integrity
Qualities I yearn to express
But how can I when the mind
Interferes annoyingly with defeat
“You’re wrong”…….”you’re not good enough”
Why bother when others don’t see what I see
Hush….my little child for you do not know defeat.

Caress that harsh voice of yours
As though you were stroking a newborn child
Tame its seething claws from gnawing
At your tired mind endlessly
And monitor the malicious self-dialogue
That penetrates every nook and cranny of your being
As though you were held captive
From your own neurosis.

Being aware is half the battle they say
But how can I smother that sneaky little voice
That tries to put me down anyways?
It’s not like I had stellar role models to follow
But they did the best they could with all their bravado.

My heart grows weary more and more each day
When I betray it with false claims of who I am
Statements like, “You won’t succeed.” “You’re not deserving.”
Stop already, cause I’ve caught onto your patronizing ways!
You’re not in charge here critical one!
So put up your hands and surrender your wicked course.

Steer into the vast reservoir of gifts and talents
That have been bestowed upon you
And nurture them as you would a helpless child
Affirm you’re perfect just the way you are
Rather than burden the mind from a far
With lies, self-betrayals, and illusions of fear
Your imagination making them seem so real

Think of yourself first before others my dear
And don’t give away your power when not clear
Because you hold all the answers from within
Just silence the inner critic and heed the voice of God
And know you are so very loved indeed!

(In reflection this poem was kind of like a catharsis and a reminder to self-nurture and practice the art of self-love because once you have attained this……you are open to fully love another!).