The types of Services offered by Effie Hadzis (Psychotherapist, R.I.H.R.):

*Individual Pschyotherapy

*Talk therapy

*Heal emotional issues and traumas

*Transform negative core beliefs

*Break cyclical patterns

*Address Addictions and heal Addictions

*Confront and reduce depression and anxiety

*Stress & pain Management

*Build self-esteem and confidence

*Inner child work

*Overcome fears and phobias

*Dream analysis and interpretation

*The Emotion Code (remove trapped emotions from the body)
(Please read the article on website for more details)

*The Healing Codes (Transform negative beliefs, emotions or illness)

*Guided Imagery or Visualizations

Energy Work:

*Body energy work / Body Psychotherapy (Guided Visualizations)

*Reiki (Degrees I/II) (in person / distant healing) (See Reiki article)

*Healing with crystals (in person / distant healing)

*Reconnective Healing (in person / distant healing) (see description on another page)

*The Healing Codes (Read article for detailed information)

*The Emotion Codes (Read article for detailed information)

*Certified Reflexologist (Read Reflexology article on website)