Article: ‘The Pain-Body’

The Pain Body:

After working with numerous clients over the years…….I witnessed the ‘pain-body’ was something many of them were struggling with. It was either showing up as physical pain (chronic conditions or disease in extreme cases); or emotional pain (depression, anxiety, sadness, distress); something that felt very real to them, yet it was limiting their lives on so many levels. Unfortunately, in life it is inevitable for one to not experience pain at some point whether that be the death of a parent, a loss of a job or a relationship or a disappointment. The problem isn’t the experience of the pain but rather how we deal with it. The actual pain is created when there is some form of resistance; an unconscious, non-acceptance to what is showing up. On the level of thought, the resistance shows up in the form of a judgment, on the emotional level it is a form of ‘negativity’ and possibly taking the experience personally and reactively.

All pain at its source is due to fear-based thoughts that feed a slew of emotions (fear, anger, irritation, self-pity, guilt, hatred, etc.) which actually is the cause of most physical pain and disease. According to Eckhart Tolle, it’s when the mind always seeks to deny the Now and escape from it which is when pain occurs. The more you are able to honor and accept the Now, the more you are free of pain, of suffering and from the egoic (ego) mind. As long as you are unable to access the power of the Now, every emotional pain that you experience accumulates and merges with the pain from the past and becomes lodged in your mind and body. You can look at the pain-body as an invisible entity that’s a culmination of all the pain that exists energetically in your energy field (aura) and in your physical body over the years.

Often times you can experience negative events or disappointments whereby emotions of grief, fear, panic, shock, etc. can lodge somewhere in your body. I call these trapped emotions that vibrate a particular frequency and guess what? The law of attraction states that what you hold as your frequency is what you will invite more of into your life whether that will be greater anger, grief, fearful experiences which only adds to your emotional pain-body that already exists creating a super monstrous entity that can feel overwhelming to get rid of.

A technique I do called the ‘Emotion Code’ is a form of quantum physics whereby you can remove the trapped emotions from a person’s quantum field with the use of intent; muscle-testing; question and answer of past-present situations and a magnet which effectively reduces or can eliminate one’s pain-body. I often see emotional pain exists in layers and as we remove one, another one shows up and is ready to be eliminated. I have had numerous successes using this technique to help transform many of my client’s health and well-being. Please see my article on the ‘Emotion Code’ on my website: for more details.

Some people live with their pain-body for a lifetime, while others experience it only in certain situations such as with past loss or abandonment or physical or emotional hurt. The problem occurs when people identify with their pain-body and let it become what they are or to rule them in some capacity. An example would be using the expression, “I always have migraines” or “I am a diabetic.” When you say these statements you are basically allowing the pain (sickness/condition) to rise-up, take over and become you, and thus you allow it to live through you vicariously. You have ‘identified’ with it and it is who you are. Instead statements like, “I am experiencing some tension or heaviness in my head temporarily.” or “My blood sugar has altered in this moment.” These statements don’t allow you to identify with the condition but rather let you experience it as a sensation that is temporary.

All entities like your pain-body like to live on, and the only way that can happen is if you unconsciously identify with it. Yes, it’s true you are not always conscious you are doing this it’s out of your awareness. What you need to be aware of is the pain-body will feed on any experience that resonates with its own kind of energy. In other words, you end up creating experiences in your life that feed your pain further in whatever form: anger, destructiveness, emotional drama (common one), violence and illness. Pain basically feeds on more pain. Pain does not feed on joy or bliss. Once you have allowed it to take over and rule, you basically signal you want more pain, thus you become either a victim or the perpetrator of either wanting or inflicting pain and you do this unconsciously. You may say this isn’t the case and deny it but your thinking (programs running you which can be passed down from your ancestors or something you create) and your behavior is set up to keep the pain going on for yourself or others.

Pain is also created when you are in resistance to what is going on in your life- it can show up as ‘fear’ or ‘judgment’ of self or others. When you judge others chances are you judge yourself even more which triggers emotions of anger, irritation, hatred, guilt, etc. feeding the pain-body even greater. The idea is to refrain from judging self and others and shift judgment to what I refer to as the ‘act of discernment’. Discerning what is in your best interest holds a much higher frequency than judgment. We want to discern whether something is right for us rather than judge it because when we judge we attach a negative story or label to it and engrain it much stronger into our nervous system thus feeding the pain-body. An example is “I’m so stupid for entering that relationship.” Judgment versus saying “I will trust my intuition next time before entering a relationship like that.” Judgments, criticism, competition, jealousy are created by the dark shadows of the ego, which is most likely afraid of the ‘light of your consciousness.’ In other words, the pain-body lives on with your unconscious identification with it and your fear of facing the pain that lives in you.

The good news is the pain-body cannot prevail against the power of your presence-living in the present state. The Now! According to Eckhart Tolle “you have to be present enough to be able to watch the pain-body directly and feel its energy. It then cannot control your thinking.” A good example of not being present is the moment your thinking is aligned with the energy field of the pain-body- you have identified with it and again feeding it with your thoughts. If anger is your predominant energy vibration of your pain-body and you think angry thoughts, dwelling on what someone did to you or what you’re going to do to them – you have become unconscious and the pain-body has become you. Where there is anger there is definitely pain underneath. This example shows how you have become vulnerable to identifying to some emotional or mental pattern (program). When in this state…….there is a complete absence of being the watcher stated previously.

When you are in a continued conscious, present state of awareness no matter what is going on at the time – you break the link between the pain-body and your thought processes where suffering transmutes (transforms) to consciousness (awareness). When you know your ‘emotions’ and ‘thoughts’ feed your pain, it is your responsibility to not create further pain.

To help with this follow the step-by-step process below:

1. Focus on what you are feeling inside yourself and know it is your pain-body.
2. Accept it rather than resist it or deny its existence by making excuses or rationalizing.
3. Begin to detach from it (pain-body) by not thinking about it.
4. Don’t let your feelings turn into thinking (e.g., I’m feeling so off today…….it must be my diabetes and how I have the same condition like my father.). By doing this you have just identified with your pain-body. When the feelings come up just say it is a sensation rather than a condition and it is a temporary experience you’re going through. Also I like to use the expression (’This is not me.’). E.g., “I am experiencing some heaviness in my body temporarily and this sensation is not me.”
5. Do not judge or analyze what is happening as this only helps to engrain further the story into your nervous system thus magnifying the pain-body rather than diminishing it.
6. Do not identify with the pain-body by saying: ‘I have a chronic condition of back pain.’ or ‘I am depressed.’ Instead rephrase the statements like in point number 4. Remember the ‘I am_______’ statement and what you put after it basically claims what you fill in the blank with which thus goes out into the Universe and brings more of the same (Law of Attraction).
7. Stay present and continue to be a watcher (observer) of what is happening inside you (do it from a third person perspective) and be aware of not only ‘emotional pain’ but the one who observes-the silent watcher -in the power of Now.
You are basically learning the principle of being present as the watcher of what happens inside you and you understand it by experiencing it.
8. When you dis-identify with your pain-body you could experience strong resistance because a large portion of your sense of self was invested in it for so long. The unhappy self you created with your pain-body is not who you truly are……just something you bought into.
9. Observe the attachment you’ve made to your pain body by noticing the language you use to describe it (talking about your pain to others) or the pleasure you get from the attention of doing this. The resistance will stop if you make it conscious (you observe in an alert way).
10. After take your attention into the pain-body, stay present as the witness and so to initiate its transmutation (transformation). Sustain an intense conscious presence. It’s the unconsciousness that creates the pain-body and the consciousness that transforms it into its self. Please note: When you make an identity out of the pain, you cannot become free from it. When you are emotionally invested in your emotional pain, you will unconsciously resist or sabotage any attempt to heal it. The reason is the pain has become who you are, an essential part of you at an unconscious level. The point here is to overcome it, you have to make it conscious.

*Please note: The pain-body is there because of certain things that happened in the past and any fears you may have that any of that will repeat in your future. It is the living past in you and if you identify with it you are identifying with your past (coming from the past rather than the present) or fearing it in the future which is not the NOW! When in this mode you are coming from the Victim Mentality believing the past is more powerful than the present, which is the opposite of the truth. It is also the notion that other people and what they did to you are responsible for who you are Now, for your emotional pain or your true ability to be your true self. This is false, because the only power is contained in the present moment of Now. When you know this you realize you are the creator of your reality and responsible for your inner space now, nobody else is and that the past cannot overcome the power of Now!
I hope this article has brought up a lot for you to think about and may you put into practice the art of staying in the power of Now! I leave you with a quote by St. Paul that encapsulates the transformation of the pain-body:

“Everything is shown up by being exposed to the light and whatever is exposed to the light itself becomes light.”
-St. Paul
So don’t fight your pain-body but rather watch it so that you are accepting it as part of what is at the present moment.

By: Effie Hadzis